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it's a pirates life for me....

polly wanna a straight razor up her ass?

Shiver Me Timbers
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do you like pirates?
think of yourself as piratey?
what pirate like activities do you participate in on a weekly basis?
are you an amputee?
drink rum?
enjoy the finer things in life, such as pillageing, hoarding, and plundering?

if you answered these questions honestly in your head and they amount to a hefty amount of piratey-ness, well then go ahead and join!
you can post anything you want, it doesn't even have to do with pirates. i don't care. i'm not nit picky or snobby. i don't care if your back is so hairy you have to get your mom to brush it in the morning. this isn't about being pretty or ugly or judged. this is about a love of pirates and other such baddass things.
got something badass you want to share with the world? post it here!
just be good to one another. if you want to me mean, join a rateing community. otherwise, i will have no remorse as i click the block button.

ps:for all intensive purposes, ninja's will be aloud.

me: help me think of pirate-y things.
jeff: "i'm rick james bitch."
me: thats not pirate-y
jeff: so, it's still awsome.

canadian pirates represent!