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a pirate quiz thingy...... 
05:15am 18/03/2005

If You Were a Pirate (again)
LJ Username
You’re Pirate name will be:
Reasons for being a pirate
Yer First Mate: abstract_ends
Yer Cabin Boy/Girl: rey_of_shadows
The serving wench that just needed to be ravaged: mydirtymirror
The captive that ended up ravaging you: hazardus
Chases you down, only to be ship wrecked on an island: cold_faint_void
Number of women ye’ll sink and the ships you’ll plunder: 245
This quiz by shadarko - Taken 21 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!


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what is.....(stoopid but hey) 
06:45pm 14/03/2005
mood: curious
What is your favorite movie with piratey goodness?
Your favorite piratey alcohol?
If you could plunder any treasure in the world,what would be the one peice of treasure you would keep?

Movie-Mupphets Treasure Island
ALcohol-Captain Morgans Pineapple rum
Treasure-the crown jewels of england,i want the fuckin scepter so i can hit people

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09:54am 05/03/2005
  oh, i've sunk low. i joined a rating comm. !!!

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Waha,I be a pirate(Dear god I never realized how much they butched the english language until now) 
09:06pm 25/02/2005
mood: sweepy sweepy
Argh! I am the Gutter Pirate,fear my....Smiley?
LOL,just kiddin peeps.Im a gentlewoman of fortune.
Okay so Im insane and I play pirates too often and Im bored as hell.
May I suggest a toast to the new group?
May we all live happily,drink our fill,plunder and pillage riches abound,and may Cap'n Morgan forever rest in our hearts....And our stomachs....

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pirates wear pants. 
06:50am 25/02/2005
mood: itchy
i have scurvy like dogs have legs. unless... it's one of those legless dogs. but those aren't all _that_common.
hey paula pirate, you ever get those flakes out of your bed?

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12:40am 24/02/2005

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